Monday, May 5, 2008

Action Hero Workout



You've got goals and they aren't going to be reached with chocolate, soda and chips.

So now you know how my weekend went. I did do my 6 miles on Sunday and mostly running. Go me!!

Today Charlotte announced that the new experiment is
the action hero workout. Since I passes along the link I could hardly pass up the opportunity to participate. Tried one rep of each circuit tonight just to get a feel for it. Hard workout. But i have a few concerns about a couple of the exercises. Could definitely feel my knees twinging up. Going to take those exercises easily until I see how it goes.

Decided on a new goal today. I have a work outfit that I would love to wear comfortably this summer but the skirt is definitely not comfortable. I can zip it but it sits way higher than it should. If I get on the ball and figure out how to post a photo I'll take a before pic a la Glam

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Charlotte said...

You can do it girl!!! We'll all be wonder woman by the time this is over;) Or, you know, the Hulk, lol!

Thanks for the tip!