Saturday, May 3, 2008

Clean Saturday

homemade bran muffin
fruit (from a can but packed in water)
egg with whole wheat toast
apple with peanut butter
chicken casserole with tostitos sprinkled on top

then there was the incident with the min caramel filled cofee cakes at the grocery store. DD has gymnastics in the morning and we stopped to get groceries on the way home. I was starving and got pulled in. EEEEP!!! The tostitos weren't the cleanest but they were the multi grain ones and dinner filled me enough that I didn't need an evening snack.

Workout was just walking. I had a twinging back muscle that was quite painful when running so I just walked 45 minutes.


Fatinah said...

no "just" about 45 minutes of walking! Especially if you had a sore muscle!!

Leigh Anne said...

Thanks fatinah. Sometimes it's hard to get past the "must run" mentality.