Saturday, February 7, 2009

Embracing Hard is Hard!!

Last week I started out raring to go. I was taking names and kicking ass. By Wednesday the scale had not budged, well that's not true it just budged up instead of down. And I got slack. All because of a stupid number. In the end I still managed to lose 0.4 this week but I'm angry at myself because it could have easily been 1.4 had I stuck to my goals. This week, the scale is getting put away and I'm not stepping on again until next Saturday at my meeting. I'm going to embrace hard again, stay on point, get in my workouts and trust the plan.

From my previous post:

1. I did this workout 2x last week. I'm aiming for 3 this week. I love it because it's challenging and it's set up in a way that I can continue to alter it slightly to keep it challenging for quite some time. Also, it's quick and I can break it up throughout the day if I need to.

2. Embracing hard- it kills me to not weigh myself daily. But I know this is the healthy way to do it. I will snack and make not the best choices as long as I continue to see good numbers on the scale each day. STOOOPID!!!

3. I drank diet soda every day this week. I know BOOOOO. I have a real hard time saying no when it's in the house. Today I drank the last can and have no money to buy more until Friday. My ultimate goal is to have one small bottle a week when I get groceries. There have been other times in my life when I did this so I know it's possible. But I pity my husband and daughter for the next few days. There will definitely be some Tylenol consumed, I get wicked withdrawal headaches.

4. Last Sunday I ran 5 miles and felt awesome. Monday I was aiming for a faster 3 miles and just felt horribly sluggish. Then I proceeded to not do another run the entire week. DOH! Not going to cut it if I want to do 13.1 miles in October. Tomorrow is another 5 miler and I am committing to doing at least 4 runs this week.

My goal loss for next week is 1.6 pounds. I really want that 5 pound star LOL.

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