Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 1st goal evaluation

I decided at the beginning of this challenge to update my progress on the first of each month so here goes.

Weight Start 181 Current 175 Goal 160
Waist Start 36.5 Current 35 Goal 33
Hips Start 42 Current 41 Goal 38
Thigh Start 25.5 Current 25 Goal 23
Arm Start 13 Current 12.5 Goal 12

3 mile time Start 36 min Current 32 min Goal 33 min
*****I've decided to modify this and aim for a 6mph pace so 30 min*****

Push ups Start 12 Current 16 Goal 25

So it appears I'm making some good progress and should meet my fitness goals even if I don't meet my weight goals.


sassy stephanie said...

Way to go! And don't forget to factor in that your muscle tone is improving, which is heavier than fat and accounts for some of the weight still on your body. Great progress!

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

Fitness goals are just as (if not more) important as weight loss. And even if the scale progress is slower when you're still working hard, it will pay off :-)

100% effort is what truly counts.

You and I are at the same weight and have the same goal weight. Bring it on Leigh Ann!


Sarah said...

That's a great idea to measure each month. I planned on taking measurements at 8 weeks (halfway through the BLBE Challenge). Maybe I'll do it each month from now on.

Keep up the good work!


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

appears?? Honey that's proof positive!!

i also review my monthly goals and i love the idea of keeping track of things like a) how long it takes to do a mile/3miles and b) how many push ups you can do!!

When i manage to do one push up i'll start keeping track lol!!

great job!!

Laura said...

Whoa! Great job!