Monday, November 24, 2008

Well that sucked

I totally fell away from the program. Stopped counting points, stopped staying for meetings and the pounds started creeping up again. Last week I even skipped weighing in thinking that I could get it back on track for this week and avoid seeing the number on the scale (or rather having others see the number on the scale).

I think the worst of it is that instead of just starting to track my points again, I started contemplating doing some of the quick loss plans (ie cutting out carbs or sugars) in the hopes of getting back to that number. Silly, silly Leigh Anne. When I look back at the times I've been successful with weight loss, it's been through consistent tracking of my calories/points. So that's where I need to start again. Gonna pull out my week 1 booklet and review the CORE foods and try to focus on them.

And I NEED to get back to meetings again. I even attempted to go this morning only to learn that they have changed their hours/meeting schedule and the new schedule is really not working with my/DH's schedule but we'll have to work around it for now. I am also going to start posting my meals on here each day as well, in all it's glory, the good, the bad and the ugly (and boy has there been a lot of ugly up in here lately).

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