Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not a great couple of days

for staying in my points but I have been tracking everything whether it's pretty or not.


~Tammy said...

Good for you in admitting that you're not having a great couple days!

We are here to kick your arse in to gear! You have to want it bad enough. Do you?

Go girl!

Mel said...

well that's half the battle.. at least you are being honest and tracking even if its not within your point range ; )

Focus on the positive side and eventually the negative part will come around to the positive side!

Fatinah said...

by tracking you're making yourself accountable - that is half the battle. Now, make a good food choice today and you'll win the other half!

Keep up the good work!!

Jenny from da' rock said...

Tracking is half the battle sometimes, congrats on accountability! Next step, focus on the healthy guidelines and put the right foods in your body!

Take care,