Saturday, April 26, 2008

One last attempt

Apparently I really suck at blogging. But I'm going to give it one last go.

I've been struggling with the whole weight loss thing for months now. Lots of automatic eating going on in my life for sure. Not only just nibbling through the day at home but eating 2 or 3 jumbo size chocolate bars in the run of a day. Drinking several diet pepsis and not nearly enough water. Wondering why I'm exhausted and run down, wondering why the weight won't come off even though I'm running 5 days a week.

So I did nothing different but journal my every bite for a week and I realized that I eat nothing but junk. No fruits, no veggies. The healthiest thing in my diet was my kashi for breakfast.

Then I went to the doctor for my annual check up and she asked me all sorts of questions about my lifestyle. One of them was about my diet and I totally lied and said I think I have a pretty balanced diet. What a load of hooey and I knew it. Then she mentioned Canada's Food Guide. It must have hit on something in me cause later on that day I printed out the guidelines and took a look. Then I made up a little notebook with checkboxes to keep track of my daily intake.

And since I know that I'm REALLY likely to binge if I eliminate anything I decided to not eliminate anything. My only rule was that I had to continue journaling what I ate, no matter what it was. And I had to meet the majority of my daily intake guidelines before having a treat like snack. And I had to have my 8 glasses of water before having a soda.

Then Carolyn started a summer challenge and I thought what perfect timing. I'm also going to try to blog the journey over the next 8 weeks. If I can't keep up then my blogging days will be over and I will be content reading all of the other awesome blogs on my bloglines.

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