Sunday, September 21, 2008

A food journal and positive choices

Well it's only day one of BLBE and already it's having an impact on my choices. I didn't have a singe M&M out of the hubby's bag and I would always have 2 or 3, after all it's not like they are going to make a difference. And then after dinner I made granola bars and had one for my evening snack. When I was cutting them up to put away I seriously considered having another one. Normally I would say it is a healthy snack and I have the points left. I still thought that but today I said, actually I'm not hungry so why sabotage for nothing. Woohooo!

Breakfast: oatmeal, yogurt, 1/2 cup bluberries 4 pts
Lunch : 2 eggs, 2 pieces toast 6 pts
Snack : 100 cal pack, banana 4 pts
Dinner: Sausage and veggie stir fry 5 pts
1 cup ww pasta 3 pts
Snack : granola bar 2 pts

Total: 24 pts

Exercise: 40 min walk/run
3 sets 10 squats
3 sets of pushups to exhaustion
On top of that I did over 3 hours of housework and painting today. And I'm so happy that I didn't even have to use my activity points. That's amazing for me.


Taking It One Step At A Time said...

Good for you Leigh Anne.

A great first day. Keep it up!

JavaChick said...

Congrats on the pounds lost so far! Good luck in the challenge. :)

Angie All The Way said...

Hey that's awesome! Just knowing that we're all here to "see" the results makes such a BIG difference doesn't it!

Good job girl ;-)

kadee29 said...

Way to stick to yer guns today! Good for you!