Monday, September 17, 2007


Every weekend I tell myself that I will not go overboard. That I will not binge. That I will treat my body with the respect it deserves. And every weekend I do all of these things. And every Monday it gets a little bit harder to get back on track.

This self sabotage always seems to occur when I've seen some success. I lose some weight (8 pounds this time) and think I'm on track. I'll just have this little treat. And that turns into a daily little treat. And then I have a big treat. And then this past weekend occurs. Giant bowl of ice cream, half a large bag of ruffles and super size chocolate bar in the span of 4 days. Not to mention the vast amounts of diet soda. And I felt gross and overfull and dehydrated and like I was coming down with a cold again.

I think the worst part is that I consciously made the choices. I said to myself "I know this is going to make me feel worse, not better but I'm going to do it anyway". Why on earth would I do that? And now it's Monday morning and I am trying to get back on track but find my mind thinking about the chocolate bars on the counter. Seriously contemplating them until I catch myself and give a good mental slap to think about something else.

Today will be different.

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