Tuesday, September 4, 2007


On the weekend, I discovered that the 100 calorie bars really satisfy a chocolate craving that won't go away. But my tendency is to go overboard. And today, after lunch, I wanted to get one. Just because. I wasn't hungry. I didn't particularly want chocolate. But I wanted to get one because I felt I could. Because the scale was down this morning to 183.2. Because my jeans fit me straight from the dryer. But I held off, telling myself I would get one at 3.

Then I read an email from an online friend who had the same start weight as me who weighed in at 182.5 and I wanted that. BAD. So I didn't. YAY ME!!!

But I am having a bad day. A sad day. A down day. A stressed day. A day that normally would have me heading straight to the ice cream and lots of it. But I went to the gym. I picked up some groceries without picking up chocolate. DH went for a walk and although I asked him to bring home diet soda, I did not ask him to bring home chocolate. He did for himself and I had a bite. And that was enough.

So I consider this a win for me vs stress eating. But man was hard.

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