Friday, October 17, 2008

Thinking of core

I haven't really been tracking points the past few weeks since I figured out what I normally eat in the run of a day and have been sticking to just that. It's been working well but it gets a little tricky when I have an extra treat or dinner is an out of the ordinary. So I'm thinking it might be worthwhile switching over to core and focusing on the whole not eating extra if I'm not hungry. Anyone have any opinions on the matter?

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sassy stephanie said...

Heeeey Leigh Anne!

I've been hauling broken trees all day thanks to the aftermath of that wonderful Hurricane Ike. Just got in and everyone off to bed. I read your email and will sit down to figure out how to send messages each day. I'm sure I can set up some type of prompt. That is my witching hour here, but, I can do the auto send and you can REEEPPPORT back when you are done. You can send details or simply a "back off, I did it" email each morning or something. Sound good?