Monday, October 6, 2008

Week/weekend recap

But first a vent. Intentionally washed my sports bras yesterday so I could go for a run this morning. Asked DH to toss them in the dryer last night and went off to bed. Dragged myself out of bed this morning which was a battle and went down to find that he had indeed tossed them in the dryer and then went right back upstairs without turning the dryer on!!!!! So annoyed. But I was up and dressed so I threw on a tank with built in bra and went for a 20 minute walk followed by squats and abs. Not what I had hoped but better than nothing

Well, not a good week up in here foodwise. Used all my WPA in silly ways. But I got in my four runs and according to the scale at home this morning I am down 1 pound. We'll see what the WW scale says tonight. I also didn't do the strength training I had planned on doing and have absolutely no good reason for it. On the plus side I had an amazing run yesterday. Ran 3 miles in just under 33 minutes which was one of my big goals for this challenge. It was doubly satisfying in that I had completely given up on going for a run at all but decided to go at the last minute YAY ME!!

But I'm leaving last week where it is and making some new goals for this coming week which will include Thanksgiving dinner!!!!

Get my four runs in.
Make a plan for Thanksgiving dinner that involves small servings of the things I love the most about turkey dinner.


carla said...

1. Are you married to MY Renaissance Man?!

B. Thanksgiving planning? Good gosh you're my hero.

Z. Yep. Weight training. Git to it ;) I'm doing BACK today. You?


Leigh Anne said...

Don't forget Miz Thanksgiving is this weekend up here!!!! Need to plan or I will eat to bulging LOL

Leigh Anne said...

Oh and I already did some legwork. Gonna do pushups and abwork tonight