Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 4 Weigh In

This was a really weird week. I was taking names and kicking butt all week. Then on Friday I was at home all day and wasn't making the healthiest choices even though I stayed in my points. On Saturday there was an incident with a Twix bar and more pizza than I needed at dinner. Sunday I got up early to make sure and get in a run before my Thanksgiving dinner. But I did well. Had one plate of the things I really love and a piece of pie for dessert. Monday I went to a birthday party and had a piece of cake and too many handfuls of party mix. Then went home and got a run in.

I knew the runs would help counteract some of the indulgences but I was really going into weigh in with the goal of losing something. 1/2 a pound would have thrilled me. So you can imagine my shock when I lost 1.4. Not sure why or how but I'm taking it and glad to have a week without special events to taunt me.

And on the NSV front, yesterday I tried on my prepregnancy pants (remember that my DD is 2 1/2?). I haven't worn them since I was about 9 weeks pregnant. Anyway, I could fit into them all!!! There was far too much muffin top for me to feel comfortable wearing them but they buttoned and fit great on the ass and legs. So another 5 pounds or so should make them wearable. This was so thrilling for me!!!!


Hydro said...

I'm horrible with this blog talk. What's NSV or DD? I was trying to follow though! haha.

Leigh Anne said...

NSV equals non scale victory and DD equals darling daughter. Thanks for reading and don't worry it all starts making sense eventually :)