Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 6 Weigh In

But first a little bit about my week. I did not track my points and I had a few indulgences during the week. I missed one of my runs. And then on Friday I went away with a girlfriend. There were nachos, onion rings, fries, chocolate, chips and candy. What bothers me most is not that I indulged in these but that numerous times I indulged far beyond that full feeling and well into the BLAH feeling.

I returned home Saturday night and between then an my weighin I kept strictly to my points and avoided the salt foods trying to reduce the water I'm sure I retained over the weekend. Sunday I made sure to get in my run. And on Monday morning I was up 1 pound (from the previous week weighing in at home). I can live with that.

Except when I weighed in at WW I was up 3.4 from my previous WW weigh in. Totally shocked me and blew me away. And to top it off, I didn't feel like I was up 3.4 pounds. My clothes were feeling as loose as always, if not looser. I was feeling trim and strong and good. And while I know this will come off as sounding like an excuse but I think there was a problem with the WW scale. The leader even said that she hadn't seen that many gains at one meeting in months.

It really bothered me for the rest of the night but then I thought, so what. If the scale is wrong, that doesn't mean I can't get right back into the zone. If the scale is wrong that shouldn't impact the way I feel about my efforts and the way I feel about the changes in my body.

So yesterday and today I tracked my points. Sunday I ran 3 miles at between 5.5 and 6 mph with a 1/4 mile warm up and cool down (do this at every workout). Last night I ran 2 miles between 5.5 and 6.8 mph. Then I did pushups, abs and some back work on the stability ball. Tonight I ran 4 miles at 5.5 mph. Tomorrow my plan is to push myself to do 1 mile at 7mph. Saturday I'm going to try 3 miles at 5.8 mph and we'll see what I feel like on Sunday.

I want to lose everything I gained and another pound this week.


sassy stephanie said...

I agree. So what. Just climb back up on the wagon!

Angie All The Way said...

YEah!!!! One of our biggest downfalls (and I mean most EVERYONE) is that we are too influenced mentally by what that friggin scale says! We let it dictate how we are going to feel and you, my friend, are not. You're pluggin along and kickin ass no matter if that scale was right or not!

Just think if that scale was actually wrong, next week you'll have a HUGE difference!