Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 3 weigh in

My week was not good as explained in my previous posts and walking into my meeting I was seriously just hoping that I would lose something, anything. My husband told me to lose my purse hardeeharhar.

I lost 0.2 pounds.

And was okay with it. Then I started thinking that even if I only lost 0.2 pounds every week from now until whenever at least I would be moving towards my goal instead of away from it. And then I gave myself a mental slap and said "CUT IT OUT!" This challenge is about getting as close to the goal as possible with hard core work for a short period of time.

I took a look at my eating and realized that I am eating a ton of my points through the day and ending up with 4 or 5 points for dinner and an evening snack. Meaning I was using WPA points in the evening. So I decided that 8 points would be a good amount for dinner and evening snack. Subtracted breakfast points and lunch points and had 7 points left over for snacks through the day. Now I only bring that many points and I don't have to worry about counting anything except dinner. Such a weight off my shoulders and it's working well so far. I'm hoping for a good week, Thanksgiving and all!!


kadee29 said...

Sounds like you have a great plan. Clever idea to work backward from dinner.

Keep up the great work (remember a loss is a loss!)

JavaChick said...

First: every ounce lost is a step towards your goal. Good stuff.

Second: you analyzed your situation to see where you could improve. Smart thinking.

Way to go!

carla said...

I love the pun:
Such a weight off my shoulders and it's working well so far.

and yep. you nailed it. a loss is a loss.

if I can lend a hand at all you know where to find me!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

good planning and yes honey, a loss is a loss. But if you can see how you can make better choices to have more significant results (not just scale results) GOOD ON YA!!

you are doing great!!


Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

Yeah Sister! That's the spirit!

How'd you do with the weight training this week?


Kari said...

YES a loss is a loss and it is in the right direction so good for you. Now take the good things that you did this week and oh say times it by 2 and you should see a better loss next week!

Angie All The Way said...

Hey, no offense taken from your comment at all. Tough love baby! It's completely different coming from you or any other blogger - totally and completely different becasue you get it - MIL doesn't. MIL is passive aggressive and impossible and you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around her and I'm at my wits end and I have 2 more weeks of her staying until her house is ready. I think I'm going to lose my mind! Frig.