Monday, August 27, 2007


I can remember a time that this statement was true for me. Before I could devour a liter of ice cream without feeling sick to my stomach. Before I required 3 family sized chocolate bars to satisfy my sweet tooth. It was only a little more than 2 years ago that I frequently craved fruit. In fact, throughout the first trimester of my pregnancy, it was the only food guaranteed not to make me feel horrible. Then refined sugar slowly began taking hold of my diet. The more refined sugar I ate, the less sweet fruit tasted to me. Until I got to a point where if I ate 2 pieces of fruit in a week, I was doing well.

I truly missed the sweet juicy flavor of different fruits when I wasn't eating them. I just didn't seem to enjoy them as much with refined sugar making my palate cloudy. The longer I go without refined sugar snacks, the sweeter fruit tastes. Now I can see the possibility of fruit once again playing a large role in my diet. And I look forward to it.


Ande said...

I am so glad that you are dieting too, and it is way too cool that we are the same weight, AND have the same weight loss! Just crazy!

I agree about fruit, and although I hadn't realized it, sugar really does mess with my fruit taster. I am currently hating most of the Nutrisystem foods, WAY too many artificial things and preservatives. It all smells funny to me! I am going to get a George Foreman grill and spend the next month (while I am still on the NS)figuring out recipes and options for balanced meals. If I can come up with say, five breakfast options, ten lunch options and ten dinner options, I should be able to have a plan for eating that will get me through the days without having to eat the preservatives!

I am enjoying all of the different veggies - you are allowed a cup each of two different veggies (Note: Corn is not included, darn it!) but I have been doing a half a cup of four for more variety. In the past two days I have had six different veggies. Normally I wouldn't get that in two weeks!

I am looking forward to sharing your progress, and I love the idea of the Naked dieter... although it sounds a little more exciting than it is! LOL!

Colleen said...

I know all about the weight loss thing as I'm on WW again! A long road, but down 7 already and it's a start.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!