Thursday, August 16, 2007

So I'm fairly new to the whole blogging thing. And I'm even newer to the idea of actually following blogs. But through my scrapbooking I've discovered numerous blogs that I enjoy reading even when they are totally unrelated to scrapbooking (comes from my curious nature). And then I discovered bloglines. A way to check all your blogs through one site, thereby eliminating the need for a favorites bar. So I added all my regulars and then hunted throught their most popular blogs and signed up for a few of those. One of the blogs I read regularly and truly enjoy is Actual Unretouched Photo. She mentioned in a post today that she also has a weight loss blog. I checked it out. And proceeded to begin reading from post one, writtin in April 2006. Yep, 2006. I am now nearly at October 2006.

This post inspired me to post.

While all her posts really hit home with me, this one seemed to stand out more than others. Perhaps because I find myself falling into old habits. All morning I tried to find a way to justify "cheating". I could come up with a dozen different reasons. But I didn't until after lunch. On the way back to work I popped into the cornerstore and picked up a KitKat Chunky Max. My favorite. And then proceeded to justify having another later in the afternoon. DUH!!!! That is how I got here in the first place. Thank you amazing shrinking woman for reminding me of this in one of your many wonderful posts. When I got to this post, I started wondering "Why do I self-sabotage?" For there is no other way to describe it. Noone else buys me junk or pressures me to eat junk. Every time I eat chocolate or chips or ice cream or a burger, it is 100% my decision. I want to make the hop. I am ready to make the hop. I need to make the hop.

This morning I was ready to blog about my frustration. After all, I am not looking for major pounds lost. I am making small changes, I am looking for small losses. But I am getting nothing. But if I really sit and look at things, I am not really making changes that impact anything. I am just shifting things around. Time to stop shifting and make the hop.


Biby Cletus said...

hi there, i stumbled across your blog while randomly searching the blogosphere, nice one you have here, i also find the design to my liking. do keep up the good work.

warm regards from the other side of planet earth. i'll be back for more.

Deep Regards

Biby Cletus

Mel said...

Leigh Anne,

Thanks for the links. And thanks for reading my whole weight loss blog! I wondered who was clicking from post to post to post!

I appreciate your comments here!