Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Universe Conspires Against Me

Well probably not. But today it really felt that way. I woke up raring to go for the first day of my new lifestyle. I had a plan for meals and snacks. And today would be the start of my exercise streak.

I had my kashi for breakfast and a handful of almonds. Just before leaving for work, my father showed up with muffins and capucino. But I just headed off with my water. A sales rep came into work bearing....yep, muffins again. LOL. The rain stopped at lunch so my plans for the gym were pushed aside to spend the afternoon with DH and DD. I would walk after dinner. Around 4:30 it began to rain again. UGH. But out I went and walked for 45 minutes. Arrived home wet but satisfied.

I feel good that I faced the easy way out over and over today but chose the healthier way.

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