Sunday, August 26, 2007


I spent the past weekend with my inlaws out of town for a wedding. I felt pretty confident about my ability to keep my eating in check. I was pretty good. I may not have made all the best choices but I definitely made better choices. For example, at the dinner I had dessert and cake but didn't touch the potatoes or dark meat. At the rehearsal dinner, I had a BBQd chicken breast and two small servings of salad (potato and broccoli) and then indulged in sweets for dessert. I took an hour long walk on Friday morning but had beer at the dance. Overall i was happy with my choices for the weekend so I was a little disappointed to find the scale back to my starting weight.

I'm not letting myself give up. I'm back on track today with healthy eating choices and went to the gym before anything else this morning. I want to be below my weigh-in weight from last Thursday by this Thursday.

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