Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I have had a mixture of feelings toward this venture over the last 24 hours. Last night my mother and I went for a walk after dinner (keeping up with my daily exercise) and she had planned on getting us ice cream. I told her no thanks without even pausing but that she was more than willing to have one herself. It really was a no brainer for me. Like I told her, having ice cream now is not worth growing out of my jeans. When I got home I had my "treat" of sugar free pudding doled out in a small dish so I could control my serving size.

This morning I weighed myself and the scale has not moved in a few days. So I found myself thinking those old thoughts of "Why bother?". Then the sensible me slapped me around a few times until I remembered that it has only been 4 days and I've lost 3 pounds. DUH!! An hour later, I'm sure my jeans were not quite as snug when I pulled them on.

Tomorrow I head out of town for 3 days for a wedding. I am planning on bringing along some healthy snacks to keep in the cottage. Going to eat what I can at the dinner and indulge in 1 slice of wedding cake OR dessert. Depends on what the dessert is LOL. SIL will be staying with us and she is working at losing weight as well. I plan on recruiting her for some exercise Friday morning and possibly Saturday morning as well.

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