Wednesday, August 15, 2007


After doing so well it's a little disappointing to admit to the world that I not only fell off the wagon, I dove off the wagon. Monday night was a rough one. DD was up from 3 to 5 which meant I was up from 3 to 5. Which meant that I was exhausted heading to work in the morning. I NEEDED a caffeine boost so I had a diet pepsi. Which I was totally okay with. Once in a while is not the end of the world. But yesterday was a prime example of the fact that I am not ready to only do once in a while. After a rough bedtime routine with DD I ran to the grocery store for some necessities and caved to a chocolate bar and soda.

Woke up resolved to be back on track. I couldn't believe how strong the soda cravings were after just 2. But I held strong and stayed away. The office chocolate bars apparently have a stronger hold over me. I had 2. UGH! I am facing my errors and starting fresh now. Not tomorrow or Monday or the start of the month. Now, at 3:42 pm. I resolve to only have one slice of pizza at dinner and to hit the gym tonight for my Wednesday workout.

This has got to get easier, right?

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Seaners said...

I decided yesterday that I should cut down and eventually eliminate soda from my diet. It's hard. I'm used to my daily 32 ounce pepsi in the morning. Yesterday, I had a soda but it was a 20 ounce and I didn't have it until the late afternoon. So I will start with smaller servings and then go every other day and finally, stop all together.

Good luck to you! And it doesn't matter how many times we stumble on the path, we just have to keep going.