Monday, August 6, 2007


I've always been of the opinion that if you are not going to do anything about it, don't complain about it. So I've worked very hard to not obsess out loud about my weight. Along with this, I've always believed that if you want something, you don't just talk about it, you do something about it. But for some time now I've been a talker instead of a doer.

You see, I've always dreamed of running a marathon and becoming an Ironman. Lofty goals for someone who always hated being active as a kid and to be honest most of her adulthood. But at one time I was working towards those goals. I trained with the triathlon club in University, completed a sprint triathlon and a biathlon. Money got tight and I quit the club and my workouts.

After I delivered Ella last year I decided to give running another shot. I found the Couch to 5K program on cool running and started it right after my wedding (8 weeks postpartum). By the end of the summer I was running 5K three times a week and enjoying it. In October I ran the Race for the Cure. And I enjoyed it. Me, who even when training with the triathlon club hated the running workouts, was enjoying running. I even committed to running a marathon with my sister. I don't know what happened then. Winter, we moved, I got lazy. Who knows but i fell out of my running workouts and when I tried to get back into them it was hard and not really fun anymore.

Yesterday I watched ms Fitness and coverage of the Hawaii Ironman and I realized that finishing a marathon and becoming an Ironman are still dreams I have. And they are still dreams that I can attain. I don't want to wait until disease threatens my mobility or age makes it increasingly unlikely for me to reach them. I want to start now. So I went back to and picked the week of training that fit where I am now. Today I started training again. In October, I will run the Race for the Cure again. And in October 2008 I will run the Charlottetown marathon. Well, I might walk a lot of it. But I will cross the finish line as a marathoner.

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HeatherM said...

Leigh Anne!

What a brave post!!!

When digging deep I want you to know I am behind you cheering you along 100%!