Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So late last week I decided that the no soda thing was going so well that I would add another challenge. No more store bought treats. No stopping at the corner store on the way back from lunch and picking up a jumbo size chocolate bar. No running across the street to the pharmacy on my afternoon break to buy a bag of chips and no running to the grocery store after dinner for some ice cream. Really, really hard. A habit that I truly enjoy. I just do not enjoy the results of this habit. So to continue with my journey of making positive changes in my life, I decided to cut it out altogether. At least until I can get it under control and not NEED to do it everyday. Was doing good and feeling good. Worked through a couple of tough days. Bad news type days. Not devastating, mind you. Just bad enough that my thoughts immediately went to buying a treat. But I didn't. And what happens today at work? One of those guys with the boxes of chocolate bars that sit on counters. That's what happened!! And to top it off, the box holds not only 1 but 2 of my absolute favorite chocolate choices. Argh!!! I guess if I can hold out against that I'll be rockin.

Help. me. please.

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Seaners said...

Hi. I am like you in that I eat when I'm bored, when I'm idle, whenever. I also do not like to excercise. But your blog is inspiring and I will follow your progress with interest. I am rooting for you!